Leveraging Emotions In Search

An emotional digital platform

Gone are the days of film rentals where you actually have to go into a store and speak to a movie buff who can make that recommendation you never would have thought of. But in this never-ending land of screens we live in, we’ve traded emotion and human insight for convenience. Not cool.

At Red & Co., we’re humans ourselves. And humans get tired—tired of taking longer to find a movie to watch than it takes to watch the film itself. (No, really. Sometimes it takes that long. Or you just give up and end up falling asleep. “Hey, why don’t we watch…um…uh…er…zzzzz…snort.”) Films are fun to watch. Finding the right one should be, too.

But separating the countless films out there into the old, old genres isn’t good enough. Sci-fi, drama, horror, documentary, rom-com, and so on. The search engines just don’t always get what you’re truly in the mood for. You know what’s picking your movies for you, right? Computer algorithms. Because 000101110011 knows you so well, doesn’t it?


FEELM is a discovery tool that finds films based on what you really feel like. It’s a platform developed by movie lovers and organized by the way we (again, humans) really think about the mood we’re in.

Maybe tonight, instead of a generic “action” search, you feel more like “Going on a Wild Ride” or “Jumping out of Your Seat.” Or you just want to sit on the couch alone, shut out the world, and be that person who’s “Emptying a Box of Tissues.”

This is not renaming genres. This is putting films into entirely new categories—into feelings. “The World Needs Justice” will suggest you watch Terminator, Revenge of the Nerds, and even To Kill a Mockingbird. People have a lot more feelings than there are genres. And we’re thinking of new ones every day.

FEELM not only quickly gives you recos based on what you’re in the mood for, but it also gives you everything needed to make your movie choice in one place.

This includes a plot summary, links to trailers, Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews, running time, and direct links to places you can see the movie, including platforms from iTunes to Amazon to Netflix.

You can even keep your personal list of films to watch later. And FEELM is available as a web app, and on Android and iOS.

Take Us to a Movie Anywhere

A better platform does people no good if it’s across town on your laptop. We made sure that if we were going to reinvent the movie search, FEELM needed to give everyone access to the same experience—and their personal watch list—through any device. In the airport to help you download a movie on your phone before a flight. In your living room with your laptop or Apple TV. On your tablet when you’re at work and doing “research.”

Who Says We Can’t Start Our Own Start-Up?

Red & Co.’s basic motivation is to make amazing ideas happen. We want to change how things are done. FEELM is the result of film lovers coming together to make something that will make us love film even more. Give it a try yourself. Have fun. Our goal is to help you feel good searching for what you’re feeling.


Webbys | Best Mobile Sites & Apps Honoree 2017
Comm Arts | Interactive Annual 2017

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