A Pioneering Brand Disrupts Once Again

As an early leader in organic baby products, Babyganics innovated in the baby care aisle. But competitor brands soon followed, creating a tougher marketplace in which this brand was just one of many choices.

A Real Brand For Real Parents

The Story: With its bright-green tops and cheerful product design, Babyganics has been a staple for parents seeking nontoxic bath and body choices for their kids since 2004. Diapers, wipes, bubble bath, and sunscreen lead a comprehensive product list in large groceries and pharmacies. But since Babyganics’ launch, the baby-to-toddler care landscape has changed significantly. The baby aisle overflows with cute, organic options and even celebrity-driven baby brands. How could a brand that’s been outpaced by others reclaim its disruptive roots?

The Problem

Babyganics needed to make a strategic shift that would revive the brand and the category—or face obsolescence.

The Insight

For the last 70 years, baby brands have sold us the dream of parenting: adorable babies, clean nurseries, and pastel colors...but who’s helping out the real-life parents struggling with overwhelming parental pressure, judgement, and perfectionism?

The Challenge

Creating a Nontoxic Baby Culture That Engages and Supports Real Parents (by which we mean all parents).

The Idea:

Here’s To Perfectly Imperfect Parenting.

A celebration of parents doing the best they can, every day. As we dug into the baby world, we found countless parents lamenting the perfectionistic culture of parenting in social media—perfect nurseries, perfect birthday parties, well-slept parents with nothing better to do than post perfect pictures of their perfect babies. This seemed like such a huge opportunity to connect meaningfully with families and caregivers—not just the perfect ones, but real parents of all genders, shapes, colors, means, and backgrounds. It also meant that we collaborate similarly: with parents of all types in roles ranging from copywriters to business affairs to line producer. The brand and agency worked together as one team to understand the trials of modern-day parenting, which had only been exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Red & Co. built a team of parents from all walks of life, learned from parenting culture around the world, and interviewed pediatricians, child psychologists, and more parents. The agency team was made up of immigrant, adoptive, trans, same-sex, single-parent, and BIPOC families in order to get the deepest representation possible for understanding the necessary brand shift and where parents really needed support. In the production of the brand film, “Wheels,” the brand and agency team also sought to cast real families in all roles to accurately represent the chaos and joys of everyday parenting. As part of the collaboration, SC Johnson reviewed its internal policies and external commitments to challenge perfect parenting, advocate and educate for systemic change, and align with like-minded partners.

An Apology and a Commitment to Challenge the Category

To increase visibility around the pressure of parental perfection, Babyganics took to Parents magazine as well as parenting podcasts and social channels to own up to the perfectionistic baby culture of the past and to usher in a new era of Perfect Imperfection.

“Wheels” Brand Film

Produced in house, this humorous :60 and long‑form sing-along spot celebrates perfectly imperfect parenting—from exhausted moms to meltdowns to the unexpected joys of never quite knowing what day it is. Red & Co. founder Mira Kaddoura (a mother of 3 herself) reflected, “‘Wheels’ brought to life what everyone was too tired to say—parents need love and understanding, too.”

“Wheels” Brand Film: 60 Second

“Wheels” Brand Film: Longform

:15 Product Animations

These took a musical route as well, finding the fun and relief that Babyganics products add to daily routines.

2-in-1 Bath Soap Spot

Launching The Conversation and Building The Village:

A No-pressure Zone For Parents

Babyganics’ social channels featured conversation prompts relating to parenting issues and created a place to connect parents to each other and to the brand. This is a space where everyone has permission to be perfectly imperfect, that gives parents a smile and some understanding. We posted “You’re Doing Great” breaks showing real moments from the shoot that all parents can relate to and feel communion with. We started conversations and elicited UGC content around parenting, from social conventions to stereotypes to parenting wins. On Babyganics owned media, we launched improved versions of some of the brand’s most iconic products with language aimed at parents—from sunscreen that’s easy to put on so you can actually get out the door, to a combination Shampoo & Body Wash that gets you in and out of the tub (and off to bed) just that much sooner.

Parent UGC

“The exceptional quality of Red & Co.’s strategic thinking and creative work, as well as our shared values and commitment, makes for a perfect partnership. When we first started working together, I thought it was a match made in heaven, and now, after a year of working together, I believe it even more. The work is impressive, everyone is energized, and we are thrilled to see it out in the world.”

Sara Mendez Bermudez, Global Chief Marketing Officer at SC Johnson Lifestyle Brands

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