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The state of Oregon needed a re-brand.


The previous Oregon Tourism campaign was starting to look like that of every other state’s campaign—a pretty picture and a headline. But more importantly it wasn’t doing a good enough job communicating the idea.

So when we were challenged with rebranding the State of Oregon, we started by talking to people to try to find what really made Oregon place special. We came up with the tagline “Oregon. We Love Dreamers,” which we thought did a good job of showing the idealism that is still alive in Oregon.

Over seven years we told stories of dreamers throughout the state.

The Stories

From Ashland up to Bend over to Hood River and beyond.

The Book of Oregon

The Oregon Escape

Mysteries of the Oregon Outback

The Oregon Chef

The Oregon Daredevil

The Oregon Thespian

The Oregon Beer Lover


On the 20th anniversary of Travel Oregon’s relationship with Dan Wieden, we created a limited-edition book. A series of maps from the book evolved into a campaign of dream road trips around the state.

The Maps

Illustrated maps created to guide and inspire visitors.

Willamette Valley Voyage.

Oregon Coast Quest.

Central Oregon Venture.

Southern Oregon Trip.

Tastebud-Centric Extravaganza.

Tastebud-Centric Extravaganza detail.


The Films

Stories about Oregon Dreamers.

The Oregon Golfers

The Oregon Cyclists

The Oregon Daredevils

This small-budget account was a labor of love for eight years. Which made it all the more gratifying when the campaign received awards from Cannes, D&AD and the Webby’s.


“It’s more than marketing the state as a product. It’s more about marketing a way of life, a culture, a set of values that inform the kinds of products that come out of the state and the people who live here.”

Dan Wieden

President, Wieden + Kennedy


Created while at Wieden + Kennedy

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