The Wonder Clock

The Wonder Clock confronts the question, “How much time do I have left?” and gives women everywhere an open door to discuss a taboo topic.


Introducing the first downloadable Biological Clock

This project seeks to start a necessary and empowering conversation about women, their bodies, fertility and child bearing.

We live in societies where women are still to a certain degree, defined by their biological clocks. There is so much fear and anxiety around this topic. The Wonder Clock allows women everywhere to face their fears about this taboo subject, as well as giving them a forum to share their views and feelings with other women.

Mira gives a “Creative Mornings” talk at Ziba Design in Portland, Oregon.

The App

The first downloadable biological clock.

The interface

The interface


Out in the world

Art Basel and Beyond.

The Wonder Clock at Art Basel

Out and about

The Wonder Clock at Art Basel


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With the Wonder Clock the point was to create a much needed conversation. After 76 press and broadcast articles and hundreds of thousands of comments and emails the conversation is still going.


Print, TV & Online.

NY Times Magazine

“The Wonder Clock”


Design Taxi

“An App That Counts Down A Woman's Biological Clock"An App That Counts Down A Woman's Biological Clock”


Toronto Star

“Artist creates app that tracks
biological clock”


Apocalypse Cometh

“There’s an app for that.”


“‘Wonder Clock’ App Claims to Time Your Biological Clock”


Virgin Radio

“Biological Clock Ticking Loudly? There's an app for that!”


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