Knowledge for Knowledge

I’ll show you my lesson if you show me yours.

The Project

Lessons don’t come cheap. People package them up into books or lock them away in “war rooms” or seal them in classrooms.

Or worse yet, lessons just disappear and are forgotten. We learned a lot in 2014—like how to start a business while simultaneously creating a gigantic ad campaign, for example. So we wanted to share some of that knowledge in the hopes that it might help somebody or inspire somebody. But mostly, we wanted to get our hands on the lessons other people had learned.

Knowledge for Knowledge  invites people to share one thing that they learned the past year and in return they receive someone else’s lesson learned. The lesson can then be printed out and saved for millennia. Or dropped quietly into the trash bin.

The interface.

Lessons that have been shared.

Lessons in return.


ACE HOTEL x Knowledgeforknowledge

Ace Hotel asked us to bring to life Knowledgeforknowledge at their Portland location as part of CONTENT2015, where each room is taken over by a company or designer and the entire city is invited to participate in a one-night only event. Over 1000 people showed up and contributed their lessons and in return, took a lesson home.

We could not have had more fun bringing to life this installation and seeing everyone’s excitement throughout the night. Here’s a little snapshot.


The room.

The tools.

In action.


Some of our favorite lessons.


View the website. Drop some knowledge.


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