Nike wanted to inspire 14-year-old American boys to improve their games and learn how to play fun, beautiful, Brazilian-style soccer.


We spent a week in Brazil talking to everyone from club coaches to World Cup-winning players, immersing ourselves in football culture to find out why Brazilians are so good at soccer.

Once we got back to America we distilled all of our findings into a print campaign that is as frenetic, colorful and fun as the country and the game they seem to dominate. Based on the media buy we also knew that Soccer obsessed American kids would pour over every word so we made the ads extremely detailed and rewarded exploration.

“Ronaldinho has Ginga”

Detail: “Ronaldinho has Ginga”

“What do the Brazilians Know that we don’t know?”

Detail: “What do the Brazilians Know that we don’t know?”


“There is no “I” in team but there is one in Brazil”


After these ads ran, the Nike Tiempo boot was the #1-selling shoe in the soccer category (including all competitive brands) and completely sold out within a few weeks.

Created while at Wieden + Kennedy

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