Body parts

Badass athleticism will quiet the haters every time.


Nike hadn’t talked to women in a while and had fallen off their radar.

The challenge was to reconnect Nike to a large audience of active women. We created a campaign based on the insight that: even athletic women feel shame about their bodies. Our solution was to make them proud—proud of their thunder thighs, proud of their big butts and proud of all the sweat and dedication that went into making them that way.

Despite a tiny budget (3% of the category spend) and not buying media outside the U.S., this campaign sparked a national and international conversation. There were millions of free media impressions, including mentions in the New York Times, CNN and on The Today Show.

Thunder Thighs

Big Butt







The awards this campaign received (Best of Show at the WIN Awards, Best Spread at the Kelly Awards, an Art Directors Club Award and an Advertising Women of New York Award) weren’t nearly as satisfying as the emotional responses we got from women.


The Films

Featured real women from Wieden + Kennedy







“Hi there, I read the article in the business section of the NYT this morning and it made me cry. THANK YOU for focusing on us normal women. If you keep it up, maybe my 18-month-old daughter won’t have as many body issues and eating disorders as the rest of us older chicks. Thanks again”

One of our favorite responses to the campaign.


Created while at Wieden + Kennedy

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