Hello, my name is Mira Kaddoura. I’m the founder and Red in Red & Co. I’m a woman.

I never wanted to talk about Red & Co. being founded by a woman,
let alone a woman with red frizzy hair.

Blame the reticence on my dad and brothers. I was raised between Beirut and Toronto with a dad and two brothers who told me I could do everything they could do despite being a woman. So my frizzy red hair and I grew up believing women didn’t have to talk about being a woman.

Hello. I do advertising. I’m a woman.

The woman part seemed unnecessary.

Thankfully, I was wrong.

Being a woman has come in handy for Red & Co. It helped Google teach millions of girls to love code. It helped Nike feel pretty. It also helped Nike realize girls are the most powerful force for change on the planet. (It’s helped Nike with all kinds of women’s issues.) It helped lululemon take yoga off the mat. It helped women talk about their biological clocks. It’s helping the largest ride sharing company in the world be safer for everyone.

Most importantly, it helped Red & Co. challenge the status quo. There are 13,356 advertising agencies in the United States; and, of those 13,356 agencies with national and global clients only 15 are founded by women; only 0.1% are founded by women; and of all those agencies only one is founded and run by a Middle Eastern woman with electrified red hair—Red & Co.

What brand wouldn’t benefit from challenging the status quo?

Why not this instead of the same old that?

That’s what great brands do.

They question everything.

Doesn’t it make sense to hire an agency founded on challenging
the status quo if your brand wants to challenge said status quo?

If that doesn’t make sense to you, maybe this will: 85% of women make or influence all purchase decisions. (I’m not a famous math whiz like Ada Lovelace, but that adds up to a lot of purchasing power.) Doesn’t it make sense to have a woman involved in speaking to those purchasing powerhouses?

There’s more to Red & Co. than women. We work exclusively with people of all shapes, sizes, genders, races, ages, creeds, and planets all bent on thumbing their noses at the status quo.

Let’s challenge stuff together.