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Red & Co. is a theory in practice.

Founded by Mira Kaddoura in 2014, Red & Co. opened its doors to challenge the status quo of inert media, empty communication, and general brand meaninglessness. At a time when more people have more access to more brands than ever before, brands have the opportunity to become relevant and necessary actors in society, but so often, they just rely on muscle memory.

Having worked at Wieden + Kennedy, and for some of the world’s greatest clients, Mira began to put together a team of diverse thinkers from around the world.

The dream? To build a place that focuses not just on comms, not just on saying and being seen, but on acting and doing things in the world that actually make a difference.

We want to help brands make a larger, more meaningful impact on society.

To make brand work that lasts beyond a media cycle, that challenges people not just as consumers, but as human beings. As professionals, artists, citizens, parents, and conscious consumers, we hug our work with strategy, creativity, and technology to push past the expected into truly generative territory.

Today Red & Co. has offices in Portland and Amsterdam and a network that extends around the world. We work exclusively with people of all shapes, sizes, genders, races, ages, creeds, and planets and work humanely, sustainably, efficiently, and, most of all, ambitiously. Mira is proud to sit on the boards of the Dubai Institute of Design and innovation, 600 & Rising, and the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art to continue to feed our culture through creativity, design, and diversity.

Great brands question everything — Doesn’t it make sense to work with a partner who does the same?

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