How many people does it take to change culture?

That’s really 
up to you.

Welcome to Red & Co.

We started as refugees from other corporate cultures and decided to bring the good stuff but not the bad stuff and throw in some things that make human sense and some stuff that just feels right in the soul. It’s a work in progress that’s making progress and you are integral to its success.

We don’t believe in 10 things, and we don’t have a system—the world is too weird for that right now. What we do believe in is making work, work—for you, for us, and for our clients. How do we do that? We try every day to make it so:

We want to be
a safe space.

Safety supports creativity. Safety is the basis of freedom. Safety builds friendship, trust, support, and basically everything you want to have in a workplace that wants to make deeply meaningful work. Safety first, always. Decisions need to come from a place of love/trust and not a place of control/fear. We do the best job we can with what we have. Then we let go.

We want to be
radically inclusive.

Inclusive means a safe place for everyone: disabled, LGBTQIA, BIPOC, moms, ethnic minorities, Muslims, Latinx, young, old, etc. Anyone who feels “othered” in the work world. We are emphatically anti-racist and work every day to contravene the systems created by racism.

We want a flexible but agile work environment.

Red & Co. was built by moms, so flexibility is in our DNA. As recent pandemic-related remote work scenarios are revealing surprising and positive upsides—including increased productivity, decreased commuter time and stress, and lower office costs—we recognize that even in a highly creative and collaborative business that attracts social creatures, the work gets done how it needs to. How will the future of work free us to balance the two? We’re figuring it out, with your help and ideas.

We want to be
a place of wellness.

Once-taboo topics like loneliness, grief, and mental health are increasingly being normalized—and seen as central to employee longevity, productivity, and belonging. Everyday practices to manage stress and combat burnout are finding their ways into company rituals for the betterment of all.

We want to lead with empathy…

It doesn’t matter how high a leader’s IQ is if she’s emotionally unskilled. Leaders with finely tuned EQ can truly see individual employees for who they are and what they’re feeling. Being able to lead with empathy and manage through team dynamics, racial and social injustices, and ambiguous world realities are key to 21st-century leadership.

…and be one of the most thoughtful partners a brand has ever worked with.

As with our co-workers, so with our clients.


These feel less like best practices and more like life lessons that work remarkably well at work, too!

Beware of energy vampires.

‘Nuff said.

As you worship,
so you become.

We want to be mindful about who and what we give energy to—conversation, work, inspiration—and who we surround ourselves and work with.

Ask yourself:
Is it true? Is it kind?
Is it necessary?

Everything needs to go through this filter. It speaks to what we say internally (how we talk to each other) and externally (how we talk to the world), just as much as it speaks to what we create or design.

The paradox of
“It’s just work!”

We all have insecurities, impostor syndrome, paralyzing fear, and creative doubt. But if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that all the fear we’ve had about doing good work, or being good at your job, or building a business, or knowing what comes next is illusory. We don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t, either. So why not go for it? Why not challenge yourself? Why not work as hard as you can and see what you can do to make the world better, even though you’re clearly an impostor? Right? Right.

What else about Red & Co.? Well, some of us are into yoga. Some of us are into nail art. Some of us restore Land Rovers. Some of us find life joyful, and some of us manage lifelong depression. For all of us, this work means something and helps us feel better in the world. You can’t separate life from work. So the best thing we can do is build the best work-life we can, while making work we believe in.

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